1. Duplication

DVD & CD Duplication Process

DVD - CD duplication is the process of burning information onto a DVD - CD by laser. For jobs under 500 discs, duplication is a cheaper alternative. The duplication time is much shorter meaning we can get the items to you sooner. To ensure great quality, duplication is done by our own machines . All packaging options are available for duplicated discs.

DVD & CD Replication Services
  • Direct Manufacturing Prices, No hiding costs. We custom quote every project providing you with the most effective pricing structure possible
  • Multiple DVD replication lines will support qty from 1,000 to 10,000,000 at high quality and quick turn
  • Offset printing or high resolution Silk-screening
  • Molded (dramatically reduced cost) or Custom Cut Mini-DVD
  • Off the shelf/retail or Custom Packaging and Printing
  • Warehousing and order fulfillment services
  • Convenient Manufacturing & Shipping Locations: NJ / NY, FL, IN, CA. Reduced shipping cost and in some cases Free shipping

2. Dubbing

Dubbing has two meanings in the process of television production. It is used to describe the replacement of one sound track (music, sound effects, dialogue, natural sound, etc.) by another. The technique is used in the production of both audio and audiovisual media. It is a post-production activity which allows considerable flexibility in "editing" the audio component of the visual. Dubbing includes activities such as the addition of music and sound effects to the original dialogue, the omission or replacement of unwanted or poorly recorded audio, or the re-recording of the entire dialogue, narration and music. Much like literary editing, dubbing allows considerable freedom to recreate the product. Synonymous terms include postsynchronizing, looping, re-recording, and electronic line replacement.

Dubbing is also one of the two major forms of "language transfer," i.e. translation of audiovisual works. Dubbing, in this sense, is the replacement of the dialogue and narration of the foreign or source language (SL) into the language of the viewing audience, the target language (TL).


3. Distribution

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4. Design and Production

CICC CD and DVD Manufacturing Delivers where others fall short.
  • Fast & Affordable on time CD and DVD manufacturing.
  • Accessible & knowledgeable customer service for all your CD & DVD duplication and replication questions.
  • Professional Graphic Design Services for CD & DVD duplication projects.
  • Full service DVD authoring from your raw materials.
  • Audio CD Digital mastering to give that radio ready sound you are looking for your CD Duplication release.
  • Great post support after your CD or DVD project is completed.
  • Discount on re-orders and multiple project discounts on CD and DVD Duplication and Replication